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CCAR Committees

Awards Committee – To implement, review, and be responsible for all CCAR Awards. Number of Meetings: 1 per year average.


Education Committee – Responsible for all training and educational programs sponsored by CCAR including New Member OrientationNumber of Meetings: 10 per year average.


Finance Committee - Responsible for the preparation and any revisions to the CCAR &/or CCMLS budgets, in addition to the quarterly review of financials.  Also responsible to plan for future financial requirements, anticipate future needs and recommend methods of obtaining needed revenues.  Number of Meetings: 5 per year average.


Grievance Committee – (Training Required) The Grievance Committee shall receive ethics complaints and arbitration requests to determine if a hearing is warranted.  If a hearing is warranted, ensure that all grievances are processed in accordance with Board policies and as outlined by NAR.  (Note:  this committee is established by the Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual of the National Association of REALTORS, and all of it functions are governed therein.) Number of meetings: dependent upon complaints received.


Habitat Committee – This Committee is charged with organizing an annual fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity. This fundraiser needs to satisfy Homes4NC requirements for matching funds and enhance the professional image associated with the term REALTOR through positive visibility and public support. Number of Meetings: 10 per year average.


Legislative Committee – This Committee shall be responsible for reviewing local, state and national public policy issues affecting the real estate industry and members of CCAR and work with local, state and national legislative representatives.  Number of Meetings: 3 per year average.


MLS Committee – Responsible for reviewing waiver & appeal requests and making recommendations to the Board of Directors on MLS program & policy requests.  Number of Meetings: 10 per year average.


Professional Standards Committee (Training Required) – Responsible for conducting hearings in matters involving alleged ethical misconduct by Association Members or to provide Arbitration facilities as requested. Number of Meetings:  dependent upon number of complaints filed.


Property Management Committee – A new Committee responsible for bringing education & networking opportunities to the local Property Management community. Number of Meetings: 5 per year average.


Public Relations/Community Service Committee – This Committee is responsible for Community Service projects.  The Committee sets goals, plans and develops programs and recommends policies designed to advance the term REALTOR and its professional image by building public confidence, positive visibility and increasing public understanding and support. Number of Meetings: 10 per year average.


RPAC Committee – The Committee shall develop and implement a plan to collect an RPAC investment from each Association Member with the goal to reach or exceed fund raising goals set by the state. RPAC funds are used to support REALTOR Party candidates and may not be used in relation to specific issues or laws.  Number of Meetings: 3 per year average.


Scholarship Committee – Responsible for setting guidelines for the scholarship applications, fundraising for the Memorial Scholarship(s) and making recipient recommendations on all Scholarship awards. Number of Meetings: 5 per year average.